01st October 2012 - Save Big with Yoga Mat Rolls

1st Oct 2012


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Save Big with Yoga Mat Rolls

If you have a yoga studio, gym or fitness center or are leading a yoga program, but only have a limited budget and at the same time searching for the most cost-effective way to purchase yoga mats in bulk, then yoga mat rolls are the solution to your problem.

A yoga mat is, without a doubt, the most important item when practicing yoga, as it helps the practitioner to perform all poses with ease. The concept behind utilizing a yoga mat is that it provides cushion and creates a more secure landing surface. Another reason why yoga mat is important is because it provides grip for your feet and hands, which helps you avoid slipping when you try to execute a pose. Aside from safety, it helps to mark your personal yoga space as well.

Yoga Mats – Various Types

A yoga mat is made up of several materials, including cotton, mesh, closed-cell PVC, and rubber and is available in different colors, thickness, and sizes. You can pick one based on your preference. Whatever variety of yoga mat you select, be sure that it offers the support and grip that is necessary while performing postures. Prior to buying a yoga mat, you should be aware of the different types currently available, since this would help you determine which one is works best for you. One good choice is the 1/8'' Classic Yoga Mat Roll (103 feet), which free from phthalate dyes and inks and comes in 10 different colors.

An ashtanga yoga mat is a tightly woven cotton mat that is not only perfect for ashtanga yoga, but also for bikram yoga and other sweat-inducing yoga practice. This type of mat, like the 36'' Extra Wide Yoga Mat Roll (103 feet), which is very thick (at 1/4" or 6.2 mm) and is free from phthalate dyes and ink, is especially designed to soak up water or sweat, and have added padding, which allows for better stability when doing standing and sitting poses.

Another option is the utopian yoga mat; this is possibly the most excellent yoga mat currently available in the market. This mat is specially designed and includes all the essential features for yoga, such as durability, stability, and cushioning. Unlike other standard mats, the 1/4'' Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat Roll (105 feet), with a thickness of 1/4” or 6.2 mm and 16 different colors to choose from, easily vanishes body imprints on its mat, bringing back its true form quicker.