14th October 2012 - The Uses and Benefits of Foam Rollers

14th Oct 2012


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The Uses and Benefits of Foam Rollers

At first glance, foam rollers or foam roller may look plain, but these rigid 6” in diameter cylindrical block can provide numerous benefits. They are commonly utilized as a supplementary equipment for various types of exercise, physical therapy sessions, and self massages. Their length varies from 12” to 36”, as well as their shape (either semi circle or full circle). The semi circle is ideal for novices, while the full circle is generally for experts. This equipment is versatile, lightweight, and cheap, which is why it has increasingly become prevalent in every strength and conditioning gyms and sports training centers.

If you like to do balance training, you can just stand up on the 12'' Foam Roller (made of closed-cell, dense, and solid form). It has an unstable surface, which poses a great challenge, but leads the practitioner to become consciously aware of his or her body and promotes alignment of the spine all together. If you are just a beginner, it is recommended to utilize the semi circle first for this type of practice, and then move on to the full circle once you are prepared.

Utilizing the 12'' Round EVA Foam Roller, which is made from closed-cell EVA foam and available in 12” and 36”, can aid in breaking the soft tissue down and stretching the tendons and muscles, particularly after an exhausting workout. Utilizing the weight of your own body against this equipment can aid increase the circulation of blood and alleviate tight fascia (tissue).

A foam roller, like the 36'' Round EVA Foam Roller, which is made from closed-cell EVA foam and available in 12” and 36”, has become the preferred supplementary equipment of Pilates and yoga trainers, since it enhances the practice for added benefits. A number of Pilates exercises and yoga positions have been assisted with this equipment to further improve the sessions.

This equipment can also be a solid support for simple stretches, like pulling, pushing, and bending workouts, adding creativity and added benefits to the practice. Simple stretching can turn into a more fun routine with the addition of a foam roller.

If you develop your core area, you can stabilize and strengthen your spine, thus providing complete support to the body. For that reason, it is crucial to work around towards developing the core area in order to attain overall stability and strength.

Using a foam roller and doing workouts that enhance the core muscles can greatly help improve your posture. Apart from all the above mentioned benefits, a foam roller is generally utilized for restorative workouts and physical therapy sessions. They can be utilized for practicing golf swings as well.

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