36'' Extra Wide Yoga Mat Roll (103 feet)

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Product Overview

Product Features

  • 36'' wide instead of standard 24'' wide
  • Extremely thick (6.2 mm, which is 1/4'')
  • Roll is 102.5 feet long by 36'' wide
  • Makes 17-18 standard length mats
  • Phthalate free inks and dyes

Product Highlights

As low as $11.10 per mat (or $9.02 in volume), our Extra Wide Yoga Mat Rolls are a great way to furnish a new studio, gym, or school. This extra wide roll is 36'' wide rather than the industry standard 24'' wide, which means you get 50% more mat!At 6.2mm, our extra wide yoga mat roll is actually a full 1/4'' thick, and is one of the thickest foam mats on the market. Each roll is 103 feet long, which is long enough to cut 18 mats that are 68'' long or 17 mats that are 72'' long. When shopping for yoga mat rolls, note that most rolls are only 100 feet long. Our extra 3 feet allows you to get one extra mat out of the roll. Note that the shipping costs on these mat rolls may seem high. Each roll weighs 80 pounds, due to the density and high quality of these yoga mats. All shipping costs shown in the shopping cart are actual shipping costs (no overweight charges) based on the zip code entered.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review