BODYLASTICS 12 PCS Patented Anti-Snap Resistance Bands Set. Includes 5 Best Quality ANTI-SNAP bands, heavy Duty Components:_€__

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  • Heavy Duty Premium Resistance Band Kit with Improved Safe Door Anchor, Ankle Strap and Carrying Case
  • Imported
  • 16 pcs - Yellow: 2-4 lbs.; blue: 4-6 lbs.; two green: 10-12 lbs. Each; two black: 15-20 lbs. Each; Red: 25-30 lbs.; four cushioned foam handles; two ankle straps; two door anchors; carrying bag
  • Dimension - 44 inches include two clips for each band; 40 inches for bands only. Ankle strap: 2-inch x 6-inch; door anchor: 2-inch x 6 inch
  • Metal clipping System - each band comes with two durable metal clip to make sure the safety for users. This also makes combining any band with others possible
  • Heavy duty - premium natural latex material, thicker metal clipping System, improved safe door anchor and ankle strap
  • Warranty - all BalanceFrom products come with a 2-year Warranty and 100% BalanceFrom satisfaction guarantee to make your purchase worry free. Simply contact US or your vendor if you have any Questions

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