Chin-Up or Pull Up Bar

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Product Overview

The Power Systems Chin-Up or Pull Up Bar is solid piece of strength training equipment designed for serious results. Whether you work out at home or at the gym, you can use our bar for chin-ups or pull-ups to give you the upper body of your wildest dreams.

The Power Systems Pull Up Bar Provides the Following Benefits:

  • Chin up bar provides plenty of room for various grip widths during chin-ups or pull-ups.
  • Wall-mounting saves much-needed gym space.
  • Made of solid steel.

A Power Systems Brand! This wall-mounted pull-up bar provides plenty of room for various grip widths during chin-ups or pull-ups and saves much needed gym space. Engineered from solid steel and with mounting plates and holes positioned at 16 inches, our Pull Up Bar secures easily and securely to standard framed homes. Our pull up bar is super stable, out of the way, and is always ready for helping you in your best workout.


  • Solid steel
  • Bolts to wall (hardware not included)
  • Color: Black
  • 49 1/2" L x 16" W x 16" H


Additional Information

The best pull up bars quickly sculpt the muscle around your chest, back, shoulders, arms and core. Pull ups and chin ups activate large muscles groups in the upper body and forces your metabolism to burn fat and grow muscle. As a convenient wall mounted bar, your chin up bar is always ready for you to do whether you want to knock out a few quick reps or a jump into a full workout whenever you want—so no excuses!
You can shake up your workout just by the placement of your hands on the bar. Alter your grip to adjust resistance and work different muscle groups. Try one hand or two. Varying your moves ensure this is the best chin up bar for a newbie or the most advanced exerciser.
Assembly is required which may need professional installation. Additional shipping charges may apply.
The Power Systems’ goal is to offer a selection of quality products that deliver excellent physical gains. Purchase your Power Systems Pull Up Bar today or browse through our selection of unmatched exercise equipment.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review