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A Power Systems brand! Most experts agree that balance is the foundation of all athletic process, and as a result the market is full of a number of products aiming at helping athletes to improve their balance. The Power Systems CorDisc is our largest inflatable disc, offering a surface that is large enough to stand upon with both feet while you perform your balance exercises.

  • Soft but durable PVC construction
  • 24-inch diameter to provide a wide base for more balance challenges
  • Burst resistant up to 300 pounds

Balance discs are used by many different types of athletes, but one of the most common uses of the CorDisc system is to provide a surface large enough to stand on with both feet in a wide stance while performing other exercises. The CorDisc can be used in conjunction with weights, exercise bands, or other exercise equipment to provide a balance workout that targets the large muscle groups of the upper and lower body as well as the auxiliary stabilizing muscles that are often overlooked during workouts.


  • Surface is wide enough to stand with feet shoulder width apart
  • Color: red, ships deflated
  • Air pump sold separately
  • Inflation can be adjusted to suit your preferences


Additional Information

An almost infinite range of balance workouts can be based on the CorDisc, because you can adjust its inflation rate to provide just the amount of instability you want. This, plus the CorDisc's extra-large size, makes it a good choice for athletes at all levels Š—– beginners, intermediate users, and experts. So whatever your reason for wanting to improve your balance, the Power Systems CorDisc is the most cost-effective to achieve it.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review