Dynamic Stretch Strap

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Product Overview

The Dynamic Stretch Strap is a product! This is one of the most versatile and affordable pieces of exercise equipment you can add to your fitness facility. The unique design lets you perform assisted stretches for the legs, arms, back and more! Achieve a full range-of-motion and warm-up your muscles before you exercise. Static stretching is an effective way to prevent injury and increase blood flow to prevent soreness from occurring.

Using Stretching Bands:

  • Improves muscle balance surrounding a joint
  • Increases flexibility and improves circulation
  • Stretches muscles that you may otherwise be unable to target

The Dynamic Stretch Strap from Power Systems is made with 10 elastic loops to accommodate a wide variety of users. A durable nylon strap helps you extend muscles just a little farther. This simple, affordable tool gives you the advantages of having an exercise buddy wherever you go. Simply perform static stretching exercises using the strap prior to activities to stretch the appropriate muscles.


  • Durable nylon strap with 10 elastic loops
  • Includes guide with pointers on performing dynamic stretches
  • Highly portable at 1 pound and 75-1/2Š— L x 1Š— W


Additional Information

The Dynamic Stretch Strap makes it possible to stretch muscles that are difficult to reach through unassisted stretches without the need for a partner. Increasing blood flow enhances flexibility and reduces the chance of being injured from turning a joint such as the ankle. Make dynamic stretching a part of your yoga workout by performing a number of poses with it.
If you travel or go to the gym, you can always have your stretching band with you. Just throw it in your gym bag or suitcase and have it readily available when you need it. It gives you the help you need to pull muscles through a full range-of-motion to give them a little extra stretch. Simply position your hands or feet through the appropriate loop to reach the area of the body that you want to stretch.
Every athlete knows the importance of warming up before practice or prior to a performance. The Dynamic Stretch Strap expands your options no matter where you go or the type of activity you will perform. Working out without the appropriate stretching can result in damage to muscles and/or joints.
You donŠ—Èt have to be a pro athlete to enjoy the benefits of performing static stretching exercises before you work out. Increasing blood flow and the delivery of important nutrients to the muscles and cartilage will help improve flexibility even when you are performing normal daily activities.
No other piece of exercise equipment will provide as much versatility to your workout for such an affordable price. Order the Dynamic Stretch Strap and start protecting your muscles.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review