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Product Overview

There are a number of uses for work out mats including everything from doing Pilates to performing crunches. Support your spine and every part of your body by adding a layer of cushiony comfort between your body and the floor.

Using Exercise Mats:

  • Provides necessary support without reducing stability
  • Makes Pilates exercises, yoga poses and other floor exercises more comfortable
  • Prevents friction caused from working out at home on carpeting

The Economy Club Mats are a product! They offer the same comfort and durability as the Power Systems Club Mats but have a thinner 1/8Š— padded surface. The closed-cell foam structure offers just the amount of cushioning needed for yoga and Pilates that usually require a thinner mat. At the same time, the closed-cell padding increases the durability and resistance of the mat to prevent discomfort or injury when exercising on hard surfaces.


  • Choose from Midnight Blue or Jet Black
  • Available in 48Š— length
  • 24Š— Width, 1/8Š— thick
  • Resistant to odor, stain, and moisture


Additional Information

Power Systems Economy Club Mats are designed to use as home exercise equipment for a variety of exercises. Over-cushioned mats can be a nuisance during exercise and may even lead to injuries. Any floor exercise which requires balance and stability is best performed on a thinner mat that doesnŠ—Èt let your body sink into it.
Most people prefer to alternate between different styles of exercise. These gym mats are versatile enough that you only need one mat for all the types of exercise you do. They resist odor, stain and moisture so you can continue to use them day after day. Just wipe clean with GymWipes and roll up when you are finished and your mat will be ready to go the next day.
Padding made with closed-cell construction is firmer and more supportive than padding made with open-cell. Closed-cell padding has more solid material in place of the many air pockets used to create open-cell sponges and padding. That means it doesnŠ—Èt sink up in response to your body. The weight of your body is met with resistance that allows you to maintain control of your moves.
The Economy Club Mats should be part of everyoneŠ—Ès home exercise equipment. It will make it easier for you to perform a variety of exercises and moves by making it more comfortable for you. This is a great choice as a general mat that is highly effective and versatile at an affordable price. If you perform floor exercise, make sure you get the most from your workouts by using a gym mat that will offer you the support you need.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review