Elite Urethane Dumbbell - 90 lbs.

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Product Overview

A Power Systems brand. Rubber-encased, solid steel dumbbells provide the low-maintenance, high-quality exercise weights you are looking for. Power Systems' Elite Urethane Dumbbells fit all standard dumbbell racks, while their sturdy urethane coverings reduce noise and increase safety, while adding a more "designer look" to your workout room.

Elite Urethane Dumbbells

  • Solid steel construction, with ergonomic, knurled grips
  • Urethane covering means low maintenance and reduced noise
  • Available in 50 pound and 90 pound weights


Dumbbells are sold individually, not as a pair as shown in the image.


Dumbbells provide one of the core pieces of gym equipment in any professional facility and are almost as frequently found in home gyms, where they are considered one of the most essential pieces of home workout equipment. A dumbbell is different than a hand-held free weight in that it comes in a fixed weight, designed to be held in only one hand, to focus the exercise routine on developing one arm at a time.


  • Solid-steel, fixed-weight construction means no stopping to change weights
  • Ergonomic, knurled grips mean you never lose your grip, whatever the exercise
  • Great-looking urethane covering reduces maintenance costs and reduces workout room noise
  • Fits all standard dumbbell racks


Additional Information

You really can't consider any professional exercise studio or home gym complete without pairs of dumbbells with which to perform your free weight exercises. These quality dumbbells are among the best available, both in terms of construction and low-maintenance, long-lasting durability. Plus, the rubber covering can help to reduce clanking in your workout room as athletes either accidentally drop the weights or return them to the dumbbell rack.
So whether you are supplying a small gym, a large, professional training facility, or starting your own home gym, you can find the dumbbell sets you need at Power Systems. We'll help you find what you want, at the price you want.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review