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Resistance bands by Power Systems can be used during a variety of workouts to add intensity and build strength. You can include them during squats, leg extensions, glute work, rows and much more to improve fitness in your arms, chest, back and legs! A resistance band can be used in a workout alone or as an additional part of your regular workout.

Exercise resistance bands:

  • Make a great addition to any strength training routine.
  • Are available in rolls or singles.
  • Come in 7 different adjustable fitness levels.

A Power Systems Brand! Whether you need a roll of bands or a single band, we've got the selection to meet all of your flat band needs. To meet the needs of beginners all the way up to people who are experienced exercisers and athletes, we offer a range of resistance bands. Power Systems flat bands are made of durable latex material with varying levels of flexibility and stretch. Rolls come in a dispenser box and can be cut to the desired length. The 6 and 50 yard rolls have marks on every foot to make cutting the right length a piece of cake. Our single bands come in precut lengths of 4 ft.  A kit includes (1) of each resistance.

ColorResistancesRecommended Use
  Extra Light Rehabilitation and those who have little or no exercise activity.
  Light Those with some exercise activity and rehabilitation. Starting size for most women.
  Medium Those who exercise regularly. Starting size for most men.
  Heavy Intermediate to advanced exercises. Good for training larger muscle groups.
  Extra Heavy Highly advanced exercisers who have mastered form and technique.
  Ultra Heavy Trained athletes and extremely advanced exercisers that require a higher resistance.


  • Band Width: 6"
  • Available in 3 different lengths: 4 ft, 6yd, 50 yd
  • Weight: 4 ft = 1 lb., 6 yd = 3 lbs., 50 yd. = 10 lbs. 
  • Contains latex
  • Color coded by weight
  • Colors may vary
  • Available in different levels of resistance: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy, Ultra Heavy


Additional Information

We also offer attachment handles to make your resistance band workout even more comfortable. Attachment handles are sold separately. If you or your clients are sensitive to allergies, please note that this PRODUCT CONTAINS LATEX.

Power Systems know you want the best for yourself and your clients. That’s why we offer the best resistance bands available in terms of quality and price. Take a look at our flat bands and other resistance bands and accessories offered at power-systems.com. Try them and you’ll soon see they are a fitness addition you can’t train without.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review