Back Jack Floor Chair (Original BackJack Chairs) - Standard Size (Black)

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  • 2 DIFFERENT RESISTANCE BAND LEVELS - Two beginners bands Light & Medium for upper and lower body workouts for both men and women. Ours is the only complete set of exercise resistance loop bands on Amazon!
  • 12 INCHES BY 2 INCH EXERCISE BANDS - Most of the other resistance loop bands are less than 10 inches. Aektiv Exercise bands give more option for working out. Great for home workouts, improve your strength training, increase endurance and finally perfect for stretching and physical therapy exercises.
  • EASY TO USE RESISTANCE LOOP BANDS - Aektiv Exercise bands can be used by everyone with different resistance level. These are perfect for P90x, Crossfit Exercise, Yoga Training, Stretching Exercises, Strength training, Upper and Lower Body Workouts, Beachbody training program and Physical Therapy Exercises.
  • USED BY PHYSICAL TRAINERS AND THERAPISTS - Aektiv Resistance Loop Bands are been used by physical trainers and physical therapists to strength train their clients for fast recovery on Torn MCL or ACL, Knee replacement recovery, Isometric exercises workouts and improving mobility.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - All Aektiv Sports and Fitness products comes with 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE no questions asked.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review