Meaiguo Yoga Socks Non Slip Skid with Toe Grips for Pilates Barre Women 4 Pack

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Product Overview

Product Features

  • 75% Cotton 22% Polyester 3% Spandex.
  • One size fits most (Women's shoe size 5-10,Men's shoe size 4-9).
  • Non-slip yoga socks with gripper give you confidence that will not slip and can keep better control,avoiding slippage and gaining stability.
  • Five toe design for barefoot feel,stop exposing your toes to foot fungus on dirty studio or gym floors.

Product Description

Perfect Yoga Socks & Gripper Socks & Non Slip Socks
-Meaiguo yoga non-skid socks feature design non skid sole from heel to toe that offers better grip for improved stability and balance so that you can safely practice and have better control of your body's movement to avoid injuries,enhances balance and stability.
-Yoga socks non slip with grips on the ball, arch, and heel, you'll be able to feel each yoga pose more fully.

Breathable Construction - 75% Cotton 22% Polyester 3% Spandex
-Our premium cotton blend gives you the perfect balance of comfort, support and breathability as you exercise.

Five Toe Socks & Toeless Socks
-This separation gives your toes the toe wiggling freedom they deserve,as they separate naturally to increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles in the foot
. -Keeps your feet dry, cosy and snug (also great for blood circulation).
-Half toe socks and five toe socks also working as yoga socks,barre socks,pilates socks,ballet barres socks,exercise socks,yoga shoes,barre shoes,pilates shoes,house socks,hardwood floor socks.

Great Travel Yoga Sock
-Yoga anywhere, anytime - only pure barre socks even without a mat.
-Bare feet leave you vulnerable to fungal infections and lack protection, which can lead to injury.
-The targeted traction zones provide a no-slip grip on any surface, while full five toe design allows toes to spread for better tactile feel and balance. -Provide greater comfort: Moisture wicking between toes means feet stay dry.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review