Olympic Grip Plates

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A Power Systems brand! These quality Olympic Grip Plates are the cast iron version of our popular Elite Urethane Olympic Grip Plates. Each weight features the same 3-grip area design, to allow for easy loading and unloading of the weight bar, but also to allow a firm grip if using individual weights without the bar for other training exercises.

Olympic Grip Plates

  • Strong, durable, long-wearing cast iron weight plates
  • Fit standard 2-inch bar sleeves
  • Available in six different weight options

These Olympic Grip Plates bring a touch of class to your weight room, while also offering superior ease of use. The three easy-grip areas in each plate make loading and unloading the weight bar fast, safe, and easy for traditional weight training. But the grips also provide additional flexibility and reuse options, because users can hold them easily while performing more functional training movements with individual weights.


  • 3 grip area provides extra safety and ease of use when loading the weight bar
  • Individual weights can be used freely for functional training
  • Color: black, with attractive gray baked hammertone finish


Additional Information

The baked-on hammertone finish makes these Olympic bar weights an attractive choice in any workout facility. Each plate clearly displays its weight in raised white letters for easy identification. Order your set of Olympic Grip Plates from Power Systems today.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review