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Product Overview

The Pilates Ring from Power Systems is a versatile piece of Pilates equipment offering a variety of resistance levels to help firm upper arms and thighs. Perfect for enhancing the Pilates workout for people of any fitness level.

Benefits of the Pilates Ring:

  • Helps to firm the muscles of the upper arms and inner thighs
  • Features flexible rings with a soft foam cover and molded plastic handles
  • Available in 3 different resistance levels

The Pilates ring is made of fiberglass and has a flexible foam cover and molded plastic handles to ensure a secure grip. Use the ring to do Pilates at home or at your fitness center during isometric exercises to enhance your pilates workout, firming the upper arms and thighs.
Its 15-inch diameter is a comfortable size, and you have your choice of light, moderate, or firm resistance, depending on your fitness level. A set of three will ensure people of all fitness levels will have a ring appropriate for them. Lightweight and portable, they can be transported anywhere.


  • Fiberglass ring with a pliable foam cover
  • Molded plastic handles
  • 15" diameter
  • Available in 3 different resistance levels: Light, Moderate, Firm


Additional Information

The Power Systems Pilates Ring is perfect for toning and building muscles gradually through isometric exercise during a Pilates workout. The ring is placed between the arms (to tone the upper body) or thighs (for lower body conditioning) and pressure is exerted inward. Not only does this tone the arms and thigh muscles, it also works the inner core muscles as you attempt to maintain balance while using the ring.
As opposed to using heavy weights for resistance, the Pilates ring is lightweight and flexible, allowing less risk of injury during exercise. This is a particularly good piece of Pilates equipment to use in rehabilitation or for senior fitness classes.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review