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Product Overview

The Power Systems Poz-A-Ball is a special type of yoga equipment that helps enhance your traditional yoga and Pilates poses. Unlike medicine balls, which are designed to be thrown, the Poz-A-Ball is used in static positions to help improve your alignment. It is air-filled and comfortable to use, lightweight and durable. However, the ball is not only useful for yoga and Pilates enthusiasts. Your clientele probably already use exercise balls to enhance balance, strength, and to develop their core.

Benefits of the Poz-A-Ball:

  • Improves yoga and Pilates poses
  • Adds challenge to your workouts
  • Improves overall body alignment

Enhance your exercise equipment offerings with a Poz-A-Ball from Power Systems. The ball comes in two colors and provides your clientele with the wide range of options that high-quality exercise balls offer: improved balance, coordination and body alignment. The ball is also an excellent way to inject some variety and fun into your usual workouts.


  • 8" inflatable ball
  • Pliable PVC
  • Ships deflated
  • Use included straw to inflate
  • Available in 2 colors: Blue or Red


Additional Information

Exercise balls such as the Poz-A-Ball offer numerous workout options for your fitness clientele, and are a great adjunct to any rehabilitation program. The ball supports your lower back as you exercise, which is why physical therapists use them all the time for back pain and strain. The balls are also great for rehabilitating knee and hip injuries. However, donŠ—Èt underestimate the Poz-A-BallŠ—Ès ability to provide advanced exercisers with a workout. They can be used for strength training, abdominal training, and low impact aerobic workouts.
The ball is also a great way to reach the core muscles. By simply sitting on the ball, you activate your stabilizer muscles,  which improves your posture (and is why some people use balls as chairs exclusively!). By sitting on the ball while using hand weights or doing other fitness activities, you are also activating those stabilizing muscles and getting an extra boost to your workout. One rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the farther the ball is away from your core, the more challenging it will be to maintain your balance and thus complete the exercise. Enjoy challenging yourself and your clientele with a Poz-A-Ball from Power Systems.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review