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Product Overview

Ankle weights are a simple and effective way to add intensity to a workout. When you or a client just aren't getting enough out of walking, running, jumping, or lifting, the resistance provided by all pro ankle weights can make the difference.

Using workout ropes:

  • Increases energy expenditure during cardiovascular workouts, potentially increasing cardiovascular fitness and calorie burn.
  • Adds challenge to body weight exercises
  • Variable weights allows for a variety of fitness levels


Our leg weights fit securely around ankles of almost any size. Keep them in place with a simple adjustable Velcro closure. External pockets allow you to add or remove weights as needed, making it easy to customize your level of resistance. Our wrist and ankle weights are available in four different weight options.



  • Color: Black
  • Available in 4 different weight options
  • Includes removable weights
  • A Power Systems Product!


Weight Options

  • 5 lbs. (Pair) - 2.5 lbs each
  • 10 lbs. (Pair) - 5 lbs each
  • 20 lbs (Pair) - 10 lbs each
  • 20 lbs (single)


Additional Information

The best ankle weights give you the best results when you use them correctly. Because our weights allow you to add and remove resistance, choose the amount of weight that is appropriate for your fitness level. Too much weight can lead to overexertion and joint damage. However, with the right amount of resistance, you or your clients can enjoy an added challenge that strengthens the glutes, the quadriceps, and the hamstrings.
Add 20 lb ankle weights or 10 lb ankle weights to a variety of exercises for additional challenge. Use them to enhance body weight exercises, such as leg lifts, pull-ups, and leg raises. Add them to cardiovascular activities such as walking or jogging, but be aware of the impact they may have on the joints. Because our ankle weights allow you to add and remove weight, you can start at a lower resistance and work up to a heavier load.
If you've wondered where to buy ankle weights, look no further. ankle weights allow you to add the right amount of resistance to your workout. Add them to your workout today to experience their benefits.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review