Premium EVA Foam Roller

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Product Overview

Power Systemsfoam rollershave been used for years not only by professional athletes and physical therapists to release tight muscles and trigger points, but by people at all fitness levels to help make their workouts more effective. The high quality of EVA closed-cell foam allows for excellent durable support while being soft on the skin. Lower quality foam rollers are likely to lose their shape when exposed to humidity and frequent use. Your Power Systems EVA foam rolleris designed for heavy use, and will maintain its shape and firmness far longer.

EVA Foam rollers:

  • Stimulates blood flow and improves circulation
  • Lengthens and loosens knotted muscles
  • Can be used to assist with balance and core strengthening

Power Systems EVA foam rollers come in a variety of lengths and firmness. Lower-end white foam rollers are made of simple polyethylene foam and are the least dense. A better foam exercise rolleris typically blue or green and is made of closed-cell polyethylene foam, which makes them more dense and allows for a greater amount of massage pressure.


  • Made of closed-cell polyethylene foam
  • Available in two lengths: 12 inches and 36 inches.
  • Moisture resistant and can be wiped clean with a soft cloth


Additional Information

A 12-inch roller is useful if you need to transport your roller frequently, for instance, from Pilates class to home. A foam roller for back use would be better in the 36-inch version. 

Power Systems foam rollers work by using the bodyŠ—Ès own weight to put pressure on tight muscles and trigger points. If you want an upper back massage, lie face-up, placing a round foam roller near the bottom of your shoulder blades, keeping your knees slightly bent and supporting your neck with your hands behind your head. While tightening your abs and bending your knees, move your back over the roller from the bottom to the top of your shoulder blades. DO NOT roll the foam roller over your neck in this position to protect the small bones and musculature of that area.

Doing a plank pose with your hands on the foam roller will better strengthen your core muscles, as performing yoga or Pilates on an unstable surface provides more of a challenge, forcing your body to work harder to maintain balance.

The 12-inch foam roller can be used sometimes more effectively for support than a yoga block for certain poses that could put strain on the neck or back.

Try incorporating Power SystemsŠ—È Premium EVA Foam Roller into your clientsŠ—È workout routine and see for yourself the range of benefits it provides.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review