Premium Hanging Club Mat

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Product Overview

The Premium Hanging Club Mat combines the best features of the Premium Club WorkoutMatswith the convenience of reinforced rings for the ultimate choice in gym mats. It is made with a closed-cell structure that gives added support while also offering a non-slip texture that keeps you steady and balanced during workouts.

Using an exercise mat:

  • Provides cushioning for your body during yoga, stretches, and body weight exercises
  • Non-slip construction prevents slipping during poses and movements
  • Protects the floor from exercise equipment

The Premium Hanging Club Mat is a product and a Power Systems top seller! It is made with the same soft, comfortable feel as the Premium Club exercise matwith the addition of two reinforced rings that let you hang it out of the way. If you need a cushionier mat for Pilatesthan youryoga mat provides, the closed-cell structure of this mat will give you the support you need.


  • Available in Ocean Blue or Jet Black
  • Comes in 56-inch and 72-inch lengths
  • Two reinforced rings make it easy to quickly put away after use
  • Closed-cell foam construction resists moisture and wipes clean


Additional Information

Power Systems has incorporated the features into the Premium Hanging Club Matto enhance the exercise experience on a commercial level. Too often, gymnastic matsare bulky and difficult to manage when kept in an exercise facility. Compare to any gymnasticsmats for sale on the market and you will see why these are the best gym mats with regards to performance and equipment management. You can also purchase the standing mat rack to store up to 28 mats vertically and optimize your storage space.
In addition to using a gym matwhen you do floor-based yoga or Pilates, adequate cushioning between you and the floor is even more important when you do floor-based strength training. The addition of weights pushing down on your body makes it even more uncomfortable to work directly on a hard floor.
In commercial settings, gym matsare typically provided to enhance class workouts. The Premium Hanging Club Mat ensures your customers use the best exercise mat for their protection and that of the floor. Even if your classes are on a carpeted floor with padding beneath, they donŠ—Èt provide the cushioning needed and exercise on carpets can cause friction and irritate skin. Exercise floor mats should be used for all types of floor exercises regardless of the type of floor or floor coverings.
The Premium Hanging Club Mat is the ideal solution for any setting where workout mats are an important part of the exercise equipment.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review