Premium VersaBar

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Product Overview

The Premium Versabar from Power Systems is a top quality weighted bar that is ideal for use with your group classes, because there is no need to stop the momentum to load and unload plates onto the bar. The Versabar is the ideal way to incorporate weight training into your group sessions, or to simplify weight training for all your clientele.

The Versabar:

  • Premium aerobic bar with squared end caps to prevent rolling and reduce noise.
  • Perfect option for group classes.
  • Available in 8 different weight options.

A Power Systems Brand! The Premium VersaBar has the same comfortable grip as the VersaBar but has squared end caps to prevent rolling. Squared end caps are color coded for easy identification. The high-quality rubber caps also reduce noise and won't damage floors. The weight is molded into the cap so it won't wear off. These workout bars are great for keeping your group classes moving without having to stop and load and unload plates. Body bars are ideal for core strength training, functional training, cardio step workouts, as well as many other group and individual exercises.


  • Solid steel construction (except 4 lbs. bar is hollow steel construction)
  • Square rubber end caps
  • Color coded by weight
  • Molded end caps with weight identification
  • Bar color: Black
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Available in 8 different weight options


Additional Information

The Versabar is a simple to use, weighted bar in solid steel, encased in rubber. These weighted bars are user-friendly and cost-effective, so consider purchasing several of them for the fitness enthusiasts at your gym or rehabilitation facility. Coaches find the bars particularly useful for strength and conditioning classes, martial arts, sports conditioning, and Pilates. Body bars like the Versabar are also excellent for personal training, physical therapy and even for home use.

Color chart:

  • Premium VersaBar 6 lbs., 4' - Blue
  • Premium VersaBar 9 lbs., 4' - Yellow
  • Premium VersaBar 12 lbs., 4' - Orange
  • Premium VersaBar 15 lbs., 4' - Purple
  • Premium VersaBar 18 lbs., 4' - Green
  • Premium VersaBar 24 lbs., 5' - Red
  • Premium VersaBar 30 lbs., 5' - Blue
  • Premium VersaBar 36 lbs., 6' - Gray

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