Premium Versa-Tube Short

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Product Overview

  • A shorter version of our original  Premium Versa-TubeÎÂ designed for someone 5' or less. 
  • Premium padded handles for a comfortable grip.
  • Available in 6 different resistance levels.
A Power Systems Brand! Perform strength and fitness exercises with the Premium Versa-Tube Short. This resistance tubing is available in multiple resistance levels to accommodate all of your fitness needs. This version of our Premium Versa-Tube is specifically designed for someone 5' or less.
Exercise tubing is one of the most affordable training tools available and can provide and effective upper- and lower-body workout for anyone. Unlike conventional equipment, resistance tubing allows you to work in multiple planes of movement. Their elastic properties give you varying levels of intensity and provides a full range of motion. The Versa-Tubes is a perfect product for personal training and clubs. It is a great option to travel with when you are wanting to workout on-the-go. 
All Power Systems brand tubing products are produced with a unique layering process to improve longevity in institutional or commercial settings. Please inspect tubing products before each use. In institutional settings, we recommended inspecting all tubing products on a 90 day basis to insure wear and usage is no excessive and replace as necessary.
Kit includes (1) of each resistance.
ColorResistancesRecommended Use
  Extra Light Rehabilitation and those who have little or no exercise activity.
  Light Those with some exercise activity and rehabilitation. Starting size for most women.
  Medium Those who exercise regularly. Starting size for most men.
  Heavy Intermediate to advanced exercises. Good for training larger muscle groups.
  Extra Heavy Highly advanced exercisers who have mastered form and technique.
  Ultra Heavy Trained athletes and extremely advanced exercisers that require a higher resistance.



  • Nylon handles with premium padded grips
  • Tube length: 36"
  • Color coded by resistance level
  • Available in 6 different resistance levels


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review