Resistance Tube Training Poster

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Product Overview

Resistance and training is a highly effective way of working the entire body through resistance. To get the greatest impact from your band exercises, position and form are everything. The Resistance Tube Training Poster is a convenient reminder of how to perform 12 resistance tube exercises from start to finish. Execute each move perfectly and get the maximum impact from every minute that you spend working out with exercise bands.

Performing Exercise With Bands:

  • Increases resistance for a more powerful workout
  • Increases the benefits of the exercises you already do
  • Creates a toned, leaner body

The Resistance Tube Training Poster is a product! No other approach to exercise enhances your results faster or more effectively than exercise band workouts. This poster is designed to place in your training facility or at home to serve as a guideline for doing 12 of the most popular resistance band exercises using proper form.


  • Demonstrates 12 resistance tube exercises with real-life photos
  • Show starting and finishing position for each exercise
  • Gives bullet point instructions for proper execution
  • Includes tips for choosing resistance tubing and for observing exercise safety


Additional Information

Power Systems offers a variety of equipment and accessories that make your exercise and training efforts really pay off! Any exercise relies on proper form and execution to get the desired results. This training poster offers a visual guide that tells you at a glance the right way to start, execute, and finish each of the 12 resistance band exercises shown.
 The training poster includes basic exercises such bicep curls, shoulder presses, leg press and one-arm rows. Although many of these exercises are often performed with free weights, the position differs when you perform them with resistance bands. Even a subtle difference in the placement of your body or the movement of your hands could make a big difference in the impact you achieve when performing band exercises.
For fitness instructors who lead classes with multiple students, it is virtually impossible to focus on the form and execution used by each one. Display the training poster in your exercise room to let your students use as a visual guide. You donŠ—Èt have to worry that they will forget the proper way to perform any of the resistance band exercises you taught them because a visual reminder is always there!
If resistance band workouts are a regular part of your routine, this training poster should be a permanent part of your exercise equipment. It is a simple, affordable tool that can have a big impact.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review