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Stability balls (sometimes referred to as medicine balls or exercise balls) are becoming a fixture in gyms and physical therapy centers these days, because they offer workout benefits to both beginners and experts. Beginners or those recovering from sports injuries can use them to perform seated exercises, while experts can utilize the same stability balls to add intensity to their workout routines. If you've come to appreciate the value of a stability ball but want to learn more ways to use it, Power Systems has the instruction you need in the form of a colorful, easy-to-read Stability Ball Training Poster.

Stability Ball Training Poster:

  • Laminated, long-lasting 24 inch x 36 inch poster looks good in any facility
  • Poster lists 12 popular stability ball exercises, with step-by-step instructions
  • Illustrations show the proper starting and ending positions for each exercise

Many athletes first experience the use of a stability ball in a class, and learn one or two useful medicine ball workouts. But where do you go to learn more? Well, Power Systems' easy-to-follow Stability Ball Training Poster gives you all the information you need to learn 12 new exercises, ranging from beginner to expert level.
Exercises are explained in easy-to-follow bullet points and illustrations, covering the Crunch, Ball Pass, Reverse Hip Raise, Wall Squat, Opposite Lifts, Pike, Decline Push Up, Calf Raise, Plank, Side Flexion, Cobra, and Hamstring Curl.


  • Special sections of the poster review:
  • Stability Ball Safety
  • Stability Ball Sizing Chart
  • Benefits of Stability Ball Training


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So if you're interested in learning more about stability balls and the large range of workouts possible with them, contact Power Systems and order your Stability Ball Training Poster today.

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