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Product Overview

One of the biggest challenges to fitness instructors and coaches is keeping the workout mats out of the floor. Exercise mats are important to so many areas of fitness that they need to be kept in the appropriate number and maintained throughout their use. Every facility has its limitations when it comes to storage space. For those that lack both floor and wall space, the Standing Mat Rack allows for vertical storage to keep mats out of the way.

Using a Workout Rack:

  • Frees up floors and walls needed for other things
  • Keeps mats clean and maintains their shape
  • Prevents stacked mats from becoming a hazard

The Standing Mat Rack is a product. The design makes it the perfect storage companion for the Power Systems Hanging Club Mats. The flexibility of the rack lets you place it wherever you want to keep your mats close by. The 10-inch prongs will hold up to 14 mats on each side.


  • Made of steel for superior strength
  • Aesthetically appealing black/gray design
  • 10-inch prongs coincide the hanging rings in our Hanging Club Mats


Additional Information

Nothing is more frustrating than lacking the storage space needed to properly store your fitness equipment. Stacking mats in the corner is not the solution that works for you or your clients. When they need a specific type or size of training mat, they may be left to take whatever is on the top.
Like any type of exercise equipment, the fitness mat plays a big role in the success of every workout. It provides support to the individual to ensure they are comfortable during their workouts while also protecting the floor from scuffs and scrapes. The right mat rack is essential for maintaining the mats and allowing them to do the job they are meant to do.
The Standing Mat Rack can be placed in the workout room where the mats will be used or out of the way in another area of your facility. You have the flexibility to put your exercise mats where they are most convenient for you and your clients to access them. Once class is over, they can simply hang their own mat back on the rack with ease.
There are a number of options for purchasing storage solutions for all types of exercise equipment. However, fitness mats are a special concern when it comes to keeping them out of the floor where they will be safer and more aesthetically pleasing. The Standing Mat Rack is the perfect choice for any fitness facility where other storage racks are not an option due to the limited space.
Help free up your floor and walls and get your exercise mats organized with the Standing Mat Rack.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review