Super-Hex Dumbbell - Single - 3 lbs.

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A Power Systems Brand! Dumbbells are a fundamental part of any athlete’s training program. Free weights such as dumbbells provide a low-cost, adaptable workout to meet the needs of every level of exerciser. Even barbells and weight plates cost more than dumbbells. One advantage of using hex dumbbells is their shape: they won’t roll away while you’re using them. However even more important is their space-saving nature. Machines and even barbells take up a lot of space in your fitness facility. You can train many more people simultaneously when you install high-quality free weights from Power Systems. What’s more, it takes a relatively small number of dumbbells to train the entire body.


  • Strengthen both the upper and lower body
  • Help develop explosive training better than weight machines
  • Are low cost and space-saving

The hexagon shape of Power Systems Super Hex Dumbbells prevents them from rolling away when in use or while storing. The knurled handle helps for added grip. Our hex dumbbells are sold individually and weigh 3 lbs each.


  • Molded cast iron heads with baked enamel finish
  • Knurled steel handles with zinc plating
  • Raised numbers for easy identification
  • 2-year limited warranty


Additional Information

Exercise machines are not only expensive but they are also limited, usually to just one or a few exercises. Dumbbells offer a far broader range of exercise possibilities, with no need for any specialized equipment whatsoever. Trainers often prefer to buy weights such as dumbbells for use with their clients because, in addition to being able to train more people at once, dumbbell exercises are often easier to teach than barbell exercises. This ease of use can increase your efficiency as a trainer. Rehab professionals also look to dumbbells to provide injured athletes with the ability to continue to train without further aggravating their injury. For example, an athlete with an injured shoulder would not be able to train using a barbell until the injury is healed, but a hex dumbbell works just fine. If you’re wondering where to buy dumbbells, and in particular the conveniently shaped hex dumbbells, look no further than Power Systems Super Hex dumbbells for sale.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review