Super Tricep Rope

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Product Overview

Workout ropes are increasingly becoming an effective addition to the standard weight lifting equipment in gyms. The Super Tricep Rope is a simple piece of equipment that helps you work hard-to-reach triceps and get them toned. The rope is extra-long and it works with most cable machines to increase range-of-motion. This makes your workout more effective by pulling in more of your tricep muscles and creating a more uniform look to your upper arms.


Using Workout Ropes:

  • Increases range of motion
  • Enhances the effect of cable machines
  • Makes almost any weight lifting machine more effective


The Super Tricep Rope is a product! It doesnŠ—Èt replace the weight room equipment you normally use but simply makes it work better. You continue to get the same benefits of pulling weight from the cable machines but with the added range of motion needed to increase the impact.



  • Made of strong, comfortable braided cotton
  • Attaches to most cable machines
  • Extra-long 40Š— length to increase range-of-motion
  • 18" W
  • Heavy duty clip


Additional Information

The triceps can be especially difficult for bodybuilders to grow. Hours spent using the same fitness equipment doesnŠ—Èt give them the results they want. Performing the same exercises works the same muscles without adding additional resistance needed to build muscle. Increasing the range-of-motion increases the number of muscles that you work, presenting a new challenge to your triceps.
Some of the basic triceps exercises performed on cable machines are push-downs, tricep kickbacks, lying triceps extensions, and the military press. All of these triceps exercises focus on extending the elbow. Cable machines work by increasing resistance through weight. Only by adding the Super Tricep Rope to the gym equipment do you have the ability to move further away from the machine and work the triceps more effectively.
To use the tricep rope on a cable machine, attach the rope to a pulley. In addition to the exercises used to grow your triceps, you can also perform bicep exercises that you normally perform on cable machines. While the biceps are traditionally easier to work than the triceps, using the attachment for exercises like cable hammer curls can add bulk for bodybuilders who may not be getting the results they want.
The Super Tricep Rope is one of the simplest pieces of equipment you can use to get great results. Simply attach to cable machines with the heavy duty clip. It will make almost every exercise you do on cable machines more effective.
You donŠ—Èt have to settle for the same results that you have been getting from working out at the dip station or using tricep cable machines. The Super Tricep Rope is an affordable and simple addition that will help you get optimum results.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review