Thera-Band Exercise Bands - 6 yd., Extra Light, Tan

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Product Overview

Elastic exercise bands add resistance and cause you to use more muscles during your regular workout. Thera-Band exercise bands add even more versatility to your workout by providing you with the preferred level of resistance needed to match your strength.

Using resistance bands:

  • Allows you to perform resistive exercise for greater impact
  • Add resistance to workouts without the stress of using weights

Thera-Band exercise bands are considered one of the best resistance bands on the market today. The flexibility to choose the resistance level and length make the resistance bands customizable for group or classroom settings. Simply purchase the handles separately so each participant can create the perfect resistance tool for their exercise needs.

Additional Information

Thera-Band exercise bands can increase range-of-motion during strength training and grow in resistance as the user increases their strength level through repeated training.
The versatility of these exercise resistance bands allows you to cut them to the appropriate length so you can use them for arm exercises, such as tricep kick-backs, or cut longer to perform leg exercises like lateral leg lifts.
Thera-Band exercise bands are some of the most affordable exercise equipment you can add to your fitness classes. Individuals may also want to try Thera-Band tubing that is pre-cut for convenient resistance training on the go! Exercise bands allow you to continue your strength training even when there is no gym available so you can continue to enjoy the benefits when you travel or go on vacation. The benefits of maintaining your resistance training include improving circulation, pulling rarely used muscles into your workout, and increasing strength.
No other exercise equipment provides such a broad range of benefits for such a small investment.  It is no wonder Thera-Band exercise bands are such a popular choice at Power Systems!


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review