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One of the biggest obstacles many of us face is keeping up with our fitness routine while on vacation or away on business. One reason Versatubeis a Power Systems Best Seller is the ease with which you can take it wherever you go for a truly effective workout. The Versa tubeis a type of resistance tubing that works like traditional resistance bandsto allow you to work in multiple planes of movement and at various levels of intensity. Its small size, affordable price, and flexibility make it a great asset for the club or gym and working out on the go.

Versa Tube:

  • Allows exercises in multiple planes of movement
  • Permits various levels of exercise intensity
  • Cost-effective and space saving

Like all of the resistance band products from Power Systems, Versatube is made using a unique layering process that results in greater longevity to meet the demands of commercial use. The elastic properties are what give resistance bands their variety of intensity levels while allowing you to use full range-of-motion. The unique layering process is what makes Versa tube bands the best resistance bands of their kind. The affordable price allows you to stock up a comprehensive selection of resistance levels for a classroom setting or to purchase the variety you need to continue to increase intensity as you grow stronger. The different resistance bands are color coordinated according to the level of resistance to make it easier to choose the right level at a glance. You can also purchase the Versatube kit that includes all six resistances from extra-light to ultra-heavy for even greater savings.

ColorResistancesRecommended Use
  Extra Light Rehabilitation and those who have little or no exercise activity.
  Light Those with some exercise activity and rehabilitation. Starting size for most women.
  Medium Those who exercise regularly. Starting size for most men.
  Heavy Intermediate to advanced exercises. Good for training larger muscle groups.
  Extra Heavy Highly advanced exercisers who have mastered form and technique.
  Ultra Heavy Trained athletes and extremely advanced exercisers that require a higher resistance.



  • Six color-coded resistance levels
  • Unique layering process
  • Sturdy enough for heavy commercial use


Additional Information

Not only does Versa Tube offer a method of strength training that is easy to take with you, it also works to tone muscles that many traditional strength-training exercises never reach. That’s why Versatube is such a great exercise tool for a variety of exercise classes as well as for helping keep you on track when you are on the road.

Power Systems’ Versatube resistance bands make an affordable, versatile piece of exercise equipment that is right for almost any fitness need. Select the combination of resistance levels to perfectly complement your workout or add another component to your fitness class.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review