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Product Overview

One of the greatest benefits of working out with workout bands is the increased range of motion they give you during all types of exercise. For people who are 6 feet tall and above, normal fitness tubes donŠ—Èt provide the same advantages that those who are shorter gain from their workout. This longer version of the Versa-TubeΠgives them the extra length they need to accomplish the same improvements in their workouts.

Using Resistance Exercise:

  • Increases your resistance and range of movement for a more effective workout
  • Adds power to all of the same exercises you already perform
  • Improves tone to every area of the body

The Long Versa-Tube is a Power Systems Brand product and a longer version of the Versa-Tube. These bands are considered the best resistance bands for their strength and durability and the best value for their affordable price. The choice in the longer version makes it easier for those over 6-feet tall to get the many benefits of performing a resistance workout.

ColorResistancesRecommended Use
  Extra Light Rehabilitation and those who have little or no exercise activity.
  Light Those with some exercise activity and rehabilitation. Starting size for most women.
  Medium Those who exercise regularly. Starting size for most men.
  Heavy Intermediate to advanced exercises. Good for training larger muscle groups.
  Extra Heavy Highly advanced exercisers who have mastered form and technique.
  Ultra Heavy Trained athletes and extremely advanced exercisers that require a higher resistance.



  • Available in 6 resistance levels from extra-light to ultra-heavy
  • Sold individually or in a kit with 1 of each resistance level
  • Increases range of movement during all types of exercises


Additional Information

Power Systems offers a longer version of their Versa-Tube® at an affordable price. Add to your gym equipment to accommodate clients of all sizes. Like all Power Systems equipment, the Long Versa-Tube is durable enough to withstand club use. It is also a great piece of equipment to use at home.
 No other piece of exercise equipment is as versatile as a resistance band. You can use them for resistance band workouts, incorporate them into your regular exercise routine for added resistance, and take them with you to exercise when you have to be away from home. Increasing your range of motion means you get stronger muscles, better overall toning, and a more comprehensive workout.
Repeatedly using weights can cause joint pain and discomfort for some people. Resistance is even more effective at reach more of your muscle groups without putting the stress of lifting weights on your joints. The variety of resistance levels allows you to gradually increase the challenge as you become stronger. If you want to start at the beginner’s level and advance to your strongest point, purchase the kit and start working towards your fittest body ever.
 Not only is this version of our Versa-Tube made longer for your height, it is also one of the best resistance bands you can buy today. Resistance bands are nothing new but having the best resistance bands in your own size may be!
 The 60” Long Versa-Tube could be just the piece of fitness equipment to help you finally get the optimum results you want from your workout.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review