Wall-Mounted Rack for Belts, Tubing, or Jump Ropes

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Product Overview

Are you fed up with forever trying to locate your jump rope, untangle your resistance bands, and keep your gym equipment organized? If you are, a Power Systems wall rack is exactly what you need to tidy up your workout space once and for all.

Resistance tubes, jump ropes, or belts are sold separately.


Power Systems Wall Rack benefits:

  • Helps keep belts, tubing, or jump ropes off the floor and organized.
  • Mounts to the wall to save floor space.
  • Stores up to 140 standard jump ropes.


With a wall rack, you can save space and easily find your jump ropes, fitness bands and other accessories. This wall storage system allows you to store up to 140 standard jump ropes on 4 different posts. Our rack is easily mountable to any wall and can be used to accommodate any variety of belts, tubing and more. As always, you can expect the utmost in quality and admirable design of this wall-mounted storage rack designed by Power Systems.



  • Color: Black
  • Rack: 26" W
  • Posts: 6" L
  • Mounting hardware is not included
  • Rack mounts to wall
  • Stores up to 140 standard jump ropes


Additional Information

Our wall-mounted storage rack is the answer to all your hanging storage needs. Durable and convenient, this rack holds a lot of equipment but takes up minimal space in your home gym. Also useful in personal fitness spaces, group classrooms and professional gyms, this is the go-to solution for hanging a multitude of jump ropes, fitness bands, weight straps and much more!
Power Systems is the go-to source for fitness experts, athletes and recreational newbies to find tools to meet their fitness and weight loss goals. For more wall storage options or other storage solutions, please feel free to browse our extensive selection of fitness products and accessories.


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