Aromatherapy Amulet Wick Refill

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Product Overview

Product Features

  • Use with Aromatherapy Amulets
  • Expand your repertoire of oils
  • Use a new wick with each family of oils
  • Change the scent to suit your mood
  • Experiment and blend your own scent!

Product Highlights

Three (3) extra wicks are the perfect way to expand the healing powers of your Aromatherapy Amulet and add more essential oils to your life. Using your thumb and forefinger, simply pull on the wick holder and pop it out. Put two to three drops of your favorite essential oil in the reservoir while being careful not to overfill. Then simply push the wick holder back into place. If you wish to change the oil, and therefore change the wick, just pop out the wick holder and push the wood wick out of the holder. Rinse the oil reservoir with warm water and wipe with a cotton swab. Add a new wick along with your new essential oil, and pop back on the wick holder. Most oils will last several days. We find that citrus oils tend to evaporate quickly, but will last longer when blended with a drop of grape seed oil. Feel free to experiment and find the perfect blend for you!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review