Bintiva Peanut Ball, Including a Free Foot Pump, for Labor, Birthing, Physical Therapy, Fitness, and Exercise

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Our peanut ball is crafted from professional grade materials, and is similar to a standard stability ball. The difference being, that, peanut balls only move back and forth in one direction, versus the stability ball that is multidirectional. This provides more stability and control, and makes it ideal for therapy and rehabilitation use with children or seniors. The unique shape is also favored by midwives, and doulas, for use as a birthing ball.

  • The peanut ball has a unique, saddle shaped, seat that provides increased stability, as it will only roll in one direction.
  • Peanut ball offers a stable base for balance and strengthening exercises and can be used to challenge postural reflexes.
  • The ball is used by educators and children's therapists for sensory and reflex integration.
  • Recommended by midwives and doulas for use a labor, and birth ball.
  • Peanut ball set includes convenient foot pump, and fitness ball user's guide. All Bintiva brand products come with a manufacturer's warranty.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review