02nd Mar 2012 - An Introduction to Eco Yoga Mats

2nd Mar 2012

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An Introduction to Eco Yoga Mats

Planning to start a yoga practice? Well obviously, you need to have few basic items, with a yoga mat on top of the list, as it is the groundwork of this particular task. Eco yoga mats are in fact the perfect choice for you and the Mother Nature.

Yoga certainly helps you relax, de-stress, and be cleansed. A yoga mat is an important yoga supply, plus you will find numerous kinds of mats which were launched in the market nowadays. The issue here is that these mats are harmful not only to the environment, but also to your health. These are made from poisonous materials, such as PVC and other detrimental materials, and this is the reason why they are not safe for respiratory health and have a strange smell. Apart from that, how these mats are produced give off so many toxic wastes, which contaminates the planet, and it is what eco-friendly yoga mats want to stop. Such mats are made with organic and natural substances that are safer to use and recyclable.

Gaia Yoga Mat is guaranteed to be eco friendly, because it is free of phthalates, PVC, and halogen. It is textured and features a non-slip surface, is flexible and soft, and has square edges. It has incredible shock absorption, which makes it the best mat for Ashtanga jump throughs and jump backs, as well as vinyasa flow.

At times, eco-friendly mats are not as sturdy as the ones made of rubber or plastic, as natural materials are being used. Standard mats last for a long period of time due to the industrial-strength plastics that were utilized. You need to think about the mat’s cost, the necessary energy to produce it, and the additional waste it might create so as to assess if you’re really coming out ahead in case you have decided to get a mat that’s made from a natural fiber. Our organic cotton yoga mat is ideal for restorative yoga and is among the finest futon-style mats that you will ever come across. Made with organic cotton, it is padded, thick, and soft for maximum comfort and protection. And if you want something that is perfect for all kinds of yoga practices, our pure jute yoga mat is your best bet! It is made of jute, which is a naturally breathable material and meets the guidelines of FDA to ensure skin safety.

Eco-friendly yoga mats are expensive than the standard mats, but the extra is totally worth the price, and this is like raising awareness and acting towards a more secure and cleaner environment.