05th Mar 2012 - The Comfort and Stability of Pilates Mats

5th Mar 2012

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The Comfort and Stability of Pilates Mats

Pilates is a workout system that is concentrated on making your body awareness, flexibility, and strength much better. This will enable you to toughen your main muscle groups that consist of back, chest, and abdominal muscles so as to produce a streamlined middle section and also to keep the lower back from getting injured.

Pilates is performed gradually, particularly during beginner and intermediate stages. This allows the practitioner an opportunity to create familiarity, excellent alignment, and inner awareness with the workouts; however, if you desire to lose weight and burn calories, try and get the breath and flow rules of Pilates and quicken the pace.

If you often go to a Pilates class, consult your instructor and ask if he can speed up the tempo. In case some of the members in your class are not prepared yet to boost the pace, then you may want to consider moving to an advanced class.

If you exercise at home, it can be an excellent thing to have a workout that you are familiar with. That way, you can concentrate on your breath and flow and not have to stop to check the workout sequence or guidelines.

Pilates mats are excellent, so that you can perform this exercise routine very well, as it calls for a cushioned surface beneath the body. A good mat has to be no less than ½ inches in thickness, and its size should be enough to make sure it can hold each and every Pilates workout posture. The minimum suggested length is 6 ft. and 2 ft. wide.

For extra comfort and padding, you can check out our extra thick yoga and Pilates mat that is lightweight, gives better traction due to its flat, but grippy surface, and provides steadiness and support in poses.

If you want more thickness, you can have a look at Wai Lana’s Urban Yoga and Pilates Mat that is 2x the standard thickness. With this mat, you can have the right position and are always free to move. This is latex free, sturdy, lightweight, and washable.

Then we have the 3/8”Pilates aero yoga mat that can be used for Pilates as well. It is made of cushiony, smooth foam and is very thick. It has 2 incorporated velcro straps for your convenience whenever you bring it along with you, plus you can be assured of its firmness and stability.

Whatever you choose, you can have the peace of mind, knowing that with a Pilates mat, you can have fun and be able to carry out your Pilates workout routines very well.