11th May 2012 - Using Yoga Bolsters to Ensure Safety

11th May 2012

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Using Yoga Bolsters to Ensure Safety

Studios and schools for yoga from around the world include yoga bolster(s) with all their yoga mats. This is because it is on the list of items recommended by B.K.S Iyengar for safe workout. There are practically several ways to utilize a bolster to improve your safety, as well as ability in practice, not to mention making you feel relaxed and free while doing stances. Performing your yoga poses in a relaxing way will enable you to concentrate more on your muscle awareness and breathing, providing you the most excellent conditions to move deeper into your yoga workout.

One of the major concerns yoga practitioners have is the head stand. In this stance, which requires concentration, balance, strength, and stamina, this is where the yoga bolster comes in – positioning it on the wall and utilizing it as a cushion for support when going into that position removes some of the worries that practitioners of yoga have when thinking about head stands. It provides a comfortable area for leaning that goes along the entire length of the spine and assists practitioners with their balance. It enables users to slowly leave the wall as they hold their lower abdomen belt (Mulabandha) and stretch their legs in an upward position while calmly breathing and keeping their backs in a straight line. Utilizing a yoga bolster, like the Small Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster (available in black, blue, and green) for this stance is a great way to begin practicing head stands safely and without worry.

Shoulder stands are another position where a yoga bolster would come in handy. The Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster, which is made from 100 percent cotton cloth and has handles on both ends, is an excellent item if you are planning to do shoulder stands. The muscles on the neck are one of the shortest groups of muscles of the body. For majority of people, the nape is very flexible and the force we apply on it while performing a Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) is unsafe to the spine at times, particularly the C7-T1 spine segment (the area linking the neck to the back).

Utilizing a bolster correctly, giving your shoulders some support, will significantly reduce the possibility of getting injured. These spinal injuries often occur more and more, as with every shoulder stand we apply more force on the spine, damaging it little by little. So, whether you are a novice or an expert in the art of yoga, it is highly recommended to utilize a yoga bolster, like a Silk Neck Pillow (with Buckwheat Hulls) for this stance. This style is made from 100 percent silk and is filled with organic buckwheat hulls, with a removal cover for easy washing.

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