13th Mar 2012 - Using Extra Thick Yoga Mats for Comfort

13th Mar 2012

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Using Extra Thick Yoga Mats for Comfort

Extra thick yoga mats feel so good, and that is a known fact. They offer extra comfort and support and can serve as wonderful padding for certain yoga postures, floor coverings, beds, lumbar support, and a lot more. Some use it while they travel, while some utilize it while meditating or sitting on a floor. Another good thing about these mats is that they are very hard-wearing and guaranteed to last for a long time.

The type of yoga that you will be carrying out is the first decisive factor to think about when searching for a yoga mat. Bikram or hot yoga and ashtanga or power yoga involve perspiring movements; this is why most yogis go for an extremely sticky mat, non-stick mat, or cotton yoga rug. The organic cotton yoga mat provides an additional benefit of absolute convenience, as it has attached ties to make the storage effortless. It is 3 inches in thickness and made of organic cotton. You can even bring it along with you as your sleeping mat if you are on a retreat.

A yoga mat that has extra thickness is best for yogis who suffered from an injury previously, perform a vigorous kind of yoga, or have joints that are sore or tender. 1/8” is the standard thickness of a yoga mat and ¼” for the thinner variety. An extra thick mat could be what you exactly need, as it serves as padding for fragile kneecaps or wrists. Peacock feather yoga and Pilates mat is 2x the thickness of a regular mat to ensure comfort and extreme support. You will also find the design appealing, which represents wealth and fortune.

The frequency for practicing yoga likewise determines the most suitable type of mat for you. Prices vary, and a dedicated yogi may wish to opt for something more expensive for extra durability and comfort. ComfortGels Impression Yoga Mat is designed using a patented G-Core Technology to make sure that it won’t bottom out. This is truly ideal for a yoga and Pilates enthusiast who wants nothing, but the most excellent mat. For utmost support and performance, this is worth considering!

You should know exactly what you need to make the selection process much easier for you. Are you tall? What type of yoga do you practice? Do you need more support and padding? How much are you willing to spend for a mat? These questions are very important to figure out which mat suits you the most.