15th Feb 2012 - What is the deal with Deluxe Yoga Mats?

14th Feb 2012

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Well, Deluxe Yoga Mats are just that Deluxe, meaning they offer something that regular yoga mats don’t and that is VALUE. The value that these yoga mats may come in the form of quality of material for example the Natural Rubber Yoga Mat is made of Rubber which is far better material than PVC, last longer, provides better traction for rigorous yoga styles, and is very eco-friendly, for hose who are especially concerned with preserving the environment. Similarly, our Pure Jute Natural Rubber Yoga mat is made from jute which is a completely natural material and is very slip resistant.

The Phthalate-free mat offers freedom from toxic substances such as Phthalates and harmful dyes which are usually present in PVC mats and other plastic materials and give off emissions which you may inhale during your yoga practice.

Our deluxe yoga mats are also usually thicker than regular yoga mats. For example quarter inch extra thick deluxe yoga mat provides ¼ inch thickness which is complete 6.2mm. A lot of yoga mats in the market that market them as quarter inch fall short in actual thickness are much less than 6.2mm. Yoga mats such as the Dragonfly Premium Weight Yoga Mat , are high density which means that may weigh a little more than regular PVC mats but at the same time they provide firm surface on which you can practice your rigorous yoga without worrying about the mat slipping below your feet in some of those tricky poses.

Our deluxe yoga mats also include Pilates mats. Pilates is different from yoga in the sense that it usually requires more cushioning for you to be able to find comfort which practicing Pilates. We have a variety of Pilates mats such as the Pilates Aero Yoga Mat, Blue Premium Pilates Mat, Self-Guiding Pilates Mats etc. Yoga Mat Store’s Yoga and Pilates mats are high performance mats that are usually less expensive than other brand mats in the market. Our mats also come in a variety of colours to suit your individual preference.

The biggest difference between a deluxe mat and a regular mat is that different types of yoga practitioners may prefer each of those mats. We usually find that beginner yoga practitioner start out with a less expensive mat because they are usually not aware of the nuances of different yoga styles and the different requirements from yoga mats for each of the yoga styles. They may also find that the regular yoga mats degrade much quicker. As a practitioner becomes more experienced, they may buy a deluxe yoga mat which better suits their Yoga needs and also last much longer.

Yoga is a great practice as it does not require a lot in terms of equipment. All you need is a good yoga mat and you are all set to go anywhere, any-time. Namaste!