15th Mar 2012 - Round Yoga Mats – What’s Their Advantage?

15th Mar 2012

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Round Yoga Mats – What’s Their Advantage?

People think that yoga is only for hippies, but not anymore! Yoga is now on the mainstream side and has become a part of many people’s lifestyle. A lot of people enjoy doing yoga more than the usual workout routine.

There are a number of reasons why people practice yoga, with weight loss being on the number one spot. According to clinical studies, people can lose several pounds by doing yoga on a constant basis. Not only that, it promotes a healthy way of living, so it serves a dual purpose. You will be accustomed to your body and will become more health conscious, thus making an effort to care for your body more. It helps you with proper posture, and your flexibility will certainly improve – something that is very essential above anything else.

Should you decide to practice yoga regularly, it would be best to invest in a good yoga mat for that extra support and comfort. There are so many yoga mats to choose from, and it is important to consider several things before you purchase one. You can disregard the color and design of the mat; what’s important is how it can support you and your body as you perform yoga.

Practicing yoga on round yoga mats makes it more effortless to change between yoga poses. You will not need to change your mat’s position or place yourself in another way to keep yourself from being on the floor. With this, your yoga practice can flow better because there will never be short stops.

We have 6' Round Yoga Mat that works incredibly in all 360-degree movements. You are always free to move and flow, plus you and your little one can fit in this great, big mat! You can choose from dark blue, teal green, olive green, and orange colors to make your yoga practice even more fun and exciting. With this mat, your body will always be in the mat instead of on the floor. If you are doing Pilates and want something new aside from the usual Pilates mats, this one is really worth a try!

Another one that is worth checking out is our Ultra 4 Foot Circular Aerobics Mat that assures you of extreme durability. It is ¼ inch in thickness and completely latex free. This is perfect even for other kinds of exercises. In addition, it offers extra padding for a more secure and comfortable practice.