16th Feb 2012 - The Beauty of Yoga Mats for Kids

16th Feb 2012

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Yoga provides a lot of benefits not only for adults, but for children as well, which is why there are kids who now take part in a yoga practice. To begin with, yoga influences all the essential determinants of a long life: the brain, internal organs, spine, and glands. It creates a strong and healthy body with enhanced immunity to fight illness, and due to the regeneration effects of yoga on the nervous system and glands, it can result to a positive emotional and mental condition, so this is an excellent way to ensure that kids are in very good shape even at a young age. The usual yoga mats seem to be too large for children, and because of this, you’ll be glad to know that yoga mats for kids are now available and come in a more petite size with adorable child-friendly features.

There are mats which are appropriate for tots and preschoolers with a size of around 1.22 meters long by .61 meters wide (4x2). Then there are wider and lengthier mats that are perfect for older children, whereas some are ideal for kids in the grade school level and do not go beyond 1.65 meters (65 inches). Yoga Mats for adults can be more fitting as soon as the child achieved this height, and because a lot of kids are taller than anticipated, it would be better to invest in an adult mat for children who are expected to hastily go beyond the size of a yoga mat for kids.

Check out our Bundle of Joy Mat for Kids; it is truly the ideal size for your child’s yoga classes. Its three various brilliant designs (pink mat with butterflies, blue mat with turtles, and orange mat with suns) make practicing yoga even more exciting for your little one. It is guaranteed to be hard-wearing and absolutely latex and phthalate free.

Another excellent investment is the TRAINERmat for Kids, featuring 21 yoga poses that are created to improve balance, strength, and flexibility. It also has a DVD that consists of 3 animated, simple-to-do yoga stories.

Our Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat for Kids is very sturdy and of the highest quality. It is lead, phthalate, and latex free and has 12 various pictures of animals that perform yoga poses, making it suitable for children who may require a bit more encouragement to continue practicing yoga.

Kids are exposed to a lot of stressors these days, and pressure is sometimes more difficult for them, as they do not know how to deal with it effectively. Yoga can be a great way to help them manage stress, and with these adorable yoga mats that are specially designed for them, there’s no way that you can’t motivate your kids and make them fully understand what is in store for them.