18th Feb 2012 - All about Travel Yoga Mats

18th Feb 2012

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According to the yogic philosophy, the age of an individual is not measured in the number of years but rather by how flexible an individual’s spine is. The benefits of Yoga are many-fold and many. On the one hand, Yoga has the ability to relax the muscles in your entire body and enhance the elasticity in the spine, so you have a relaxed mind and body; on the other hand, yoga also firms up the specific muscles in the body such as the muscles in the stomach, arms, and skin to prevent conditions like double chin, sagging arms, poor posture, dowager’s hump, and retard the effect of aging on the body.

That is one of the reasons why more and more people are becoming interested in yoga that they do it on a regular basis even if they go on a trip. The usual yoga mat poses a problem for people who do not want to travel with so many bags and opt to just bring a single carry-on baggage instead. Generally, yoga mats are reasonably lightweight, particularly if they are foam-made mats; however, they might not be thin or light enough for you to put in your bag. The good news is that there are travel yoga mats available, and they are thinner and lighter compared to the usual mats.

Similar to the regular mats, a travel yoga mat comes in various materials, which include extremely thin cotton and hard-wearing foams. Normally, such mats weigh approximately 1-2 pounds and can be folded more efficiently than the usual yoga mats. They can surely fit inside a carry-on bag without the excess bulk.

There are times when people who do not need much padding utilize a travel yoga mat. In general, it is less than ½ inch in thickness, so it may or may not be suitable for you. Not having enough cushions could be an issue later on, especially for other programs that require mats, like Pilates. The amount of work which occurs at the back could lead to soreness for those who work out on solid surfaces that have insufficient padding. Pilates mats are a bit thicker, so if you wish to take part in this type of workout program, this will be the ideal choice for you. Furthermore, self-guiding Pilates mats are perfect for beginners and even those who do not want to miss out on any position they intend to perform.

A yogi mat and carry strap works for most people as well. It gives you the convenience by simply slinging it on your shoulder, and this is really helpful if you also need to carry some more items. The strap is very comfortable and won’t irritate your shoulder, especially if you are wearing a spaghetti strap top. The mat that goes with it is very portable and lightweight that you can bring it along with you wherever you go.