18th May 2012 - In Choosing Zabutons

18th May 2012

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In Choosing Zabutons and meditation cushion

In general, a meditation cushion should be selected based on the practitioner’s level of flexibility and body type. There are numerous kinds of mediation pillows, cushions, and mats, and they come in various shapes to accommodate the different requirements of individual practitioners. Traditional round meditation pillows, also known as zafus, are considered to be an excellent choice for majority of practitioners with average physique who like doing physical flexibility at a normal level. Other options for meditation cushions include rectangular meditation mats and crescent-shaped zafus. Zabutons, on the other hand, are big, thick rectangular cushion that can be utilized on its own or placed underneath zafus to provide extra support for the back and cushion for the ankles and feet.

Proper physical pose is usually regarded as crucial to a successful meditation practice. A seated posture that enables the spine to sustain its natural s arch is regarded to be the most proper for meditation. For majority of practitioners, a round meditation mat (zafu) can aid in the comfortable attainment and maintenance of this position. People with above average build may require a taller meditation cushion, while those who have limited flexibility in the back, knees, or hips may require a mat that has a fairly different shape.

The standard meditation cushion can be made taller by putting it on top of a large, flat mat, or zabuton, like the 100% Cotton Zabuton Meditation Cushion, a solid, well-cushioned padding that comes in 4 different colors. Another example of zabuton that can give the meditation mat the needed height, as well as provide comfortable support for your ankles and feet is the 100% Cotton Zabuton Meditation Cushion with Designs, which is available in red, silver blue, and chai. This type of cushion can be placed underneath a zafu for extra height if you don’t like ankle padding. Towels, folded blankets, and cloth yoga mats can also be utilized to increase its height. People with a high meditation flexibility and experience level may find that a zabuton alone is enough to accommodate their requirements.

Zafus with a crescent shape are also an excellent option for people who are less flexible in the back, hips, or knees. Its shape provides the thighs additional support and aids them to taper slightly in a downward angle from the hips in order to easily achieve the ideal meditation position. Moreover, it enables practitioners to easily fold in their heels towards the body. Rectangular meditation mats, like the Rectangular Meditation Cushion, which is simple, yet versatile and is available in various colors, also usually provide additional space to position the feet more comfortably, although they are suitable for tall users.

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