21st May 2012 - A Brief Overview of Yoga Blankets

21st May 2012

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A Brief Overview about Yoga Blankets

Yoga blankets are a crucial, not to mention useful item when practicing yoga, but a lot of practitioners do not use them or think they don’t need one. Well, a yoga blanket like the Deluxe Recycled Wool Yoga Blanket, which is made of 70% wool and 30% synthetic blend and available in black, green, gray, light blue, maroon, and assorted color combination, can be utilized for various different postures, as well as for meditating (before and afterward).

A yoga blanket can be utilized to elevate the hips above the knees should a sitting position is needed, as well as a support for any position that requires you to lie on your back during a session. Moreover, it can be utilized just like a regular blanket – to provide warmth while doing the concluding relaxation during a yoga practice.

Some people have this notion that a yoga blanket is not attractive and has no use whatsoever, but you will find that it is very stunning to look at and has vast uses when practicing yoga. From the standard Mexican style blanket like the New Solid Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket, which is made from a cotton blend and is 74” x 52” and weigh approximately 2.4 pounds and is usually found in yoga classes to the more modern-style blanket, like the Colorful Cotton Yoga Blanket, which is made from 100% chemical-free cotton and has no tassels, the choices are endless.

Another benefit of a yoga blanket is that it is very affordable; the price ranges from $15 to $50. As you can see, there is something that will fit your budget. On the other hand, it is not as readily available as a lot of people would want. No big chain stores sell a yoga blanket of high quality; most of them carry low-quality, cheap imitation. And because of this, it is highly recommended to shop at local specialty stores that sell yoga mats and other props, as well as online. These places usually have quality yoga products at affordable prices; you just need to be sure to purchase at a reputable company. As with any product, quality is very important, and a yoga blanket is no exemption.

While you are looking for the ideal yoga blanket, you can take into account numerous options not just in colors, designs, and styles, but also in the materials used and the manner in which they are built, from the traditional, factory-made blankets to the eco-friendly type that’s manufactured to be “green”.

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