23rd Apr 2012 - The Importance of Using Yoga Blocks

23rd Apr 2012

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The Importance of Using Yoga Block

Yoga blocks and wedges are what you can utilize during your yoga practice to help you in alignment, as well as to make yourself more at ease with particular yoga poses, especially the standing postures that need one or both of your hands to be positioned on the floor. Making use of yoga blocks alleviates pressure that comes from your upper arms and body. Likewise, they are used in poses that require you to recline, thus providing your sacrum with support. They are extremely loved by beginner yogis and those who might have been injured, because they can be tools to relieve you in postures, which entail enormous flexibility.

Yoga blocks are ideal not only for yoga; in fact, a lot of fitness trainers suggest using them while doing stomach crunches, stretches, and push-ups. They can be put beneath the head as you perform your abdominal workouts to give you support. Also, they can be your balancing tools when doing lunges.

Yoga blocks have a wide range of materials and styles, and the popular materials consist of bamboo, foam, wood, and cork. Generally, they are rectangular shaped, with a size of 6 inches wide by 9 inches long and roughly 4 inches high, although the size can be different. Check out our 6” Original Superblock, which is actually the biggest block that anyone can purchase. This is very useful, especially for those who are less flexible. You can also find yoga blocks that are round and square in shape, although they are not used often.

The most excellent material depends on the person using it. Some yogis prefer the ones that are made of foam, just like the 4” Cork Yoga Block, are preferred by yogis who want some flexibility of foam, yet want to utilize a natural material. The cheapest and always available are yoga blocks that are made of foam; they are in demand, especially among beginner yogis.

Yoga blocks should be on top of your list whenever you shop for yoga accessories. Regardless of the level of your skill, they can surely help you in terms of getting flexible. The first pose which yoga instructors utilize a yoga block in to teach the learners the correct position is sun salutation; therefore, it’s vital to slightly bend toward the inside and lift the yoga block upward as you make your core tighter and try to elongate your back.