23rd Feb 2012 - Extra Wide Yoga Mats for Taller Individuals

23rd Feb 2012

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There are definitely a lot of advantages to being tall, but being able to fit while lying down on a yoga mat is not one of them. Only a handful of manufacturers sell extra wide yoga mats, and if you’re a yoga enthusiast who is more than 6 ft. tall, then you should absolutely purchase one if you don’t want to do yoga postures on the floor.

Additional length usually have additional width, and you won’t have a hard time finding standard yoga mats that are a few inches wider than the standard 24”. If you want more space to work on your poses, then you can consider getting specialty or premium mats that are 30” and 36” wide.

Another thing that you may want to take into account before you purchase a yoga mat is its weight. If you are going to carry the mat for a reasonable distance, it would be best to buy a lighter mat instead of a heavier one. Yoga mats can weigh as light as 2 lbs. to as heavy as 9 lbs., and this is a huge disparity, so think about its main usage and how the mat will benefit you the most in general.

A lot of yoga instructors would not be pleased about the fact that your yoga mat is practically consuming space that two yogis can fit in. The majority of studios for yoga are typically built to comfortably accommodate two rows of mats (69”) and even have an extra space for an adjoining row of three to four yoga mats if they are actually crowded together. Furthermore, majority of such studios operate on a first come, first serve basis, and other attendees will probably get mad at you because you got their likely spot.

It is also recommended to purchase an extra wide/extra long 1/4'' deluxe yoga mat if you’re getting private sessions, or if you are practicing yoga postures in your home. You may also want to take into account buying LifeBoard, which offers flexibility of performing yoga in an outdoor setting and practically anywhere else.

With all the above mentioned factors in mind, there’s a place and time for the usage of an extra wide 1/4'' deluxe yoga mat. It’s not that a yoga practitioner who is 6’5” in height can’t fit onto a yoga mat with a size of 69”, but it’s the subject of feeling relaxed throughout the whole session.