29th Feb 2012 - Yoga Mat Bags – Just How Valuable are They?

29th Feb 2012

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Yoga Mat Bags – Just How Valuable are They?

Keeping the chakras steady is what yoga is about, and this is the reason why a lot of people love practicing yoga. Just so you know, chakras are the rotating wheels of slight energies, and each of them corresponds to a specific part of our lives. Preserving these energy hubs to boost our body, mind, and spirit on a regular basis is extremely vital; therefore, it is enough to say that yoga helps a lot – no question at all! However, we need to understand that sometimes, we can’t focus on what we are doing due to lack of equipment or tool, and the same thing is true when it comes to yoga practice. Yoga mat bags are deemed important as well. Isn’t it a hassle to just carry your yoga mat without placing it in a proper bag?

You will find various bags for yoga in the market these days. Some of them come with a zipper, like our nylon zippered yoga mat bag, whereas some have adjustable straps, like our embroidered yoga mat bag that fits 1/4'” and 1/8” thick yoga mats. You will also find bags that have sufficient space and come with an additional pocket, where other things can be kept. Some have a very huge space, so you can keep your stuff in the event that you have to bring your yoga straps or an additional towel or shirt.

Materials and designs vary as well, and majority of them are made from jute, silk, velvet, and cotton. You can also check out our faux leather yoga mat bag that is handmade, durable, and very easy to clean. The ones made from cotton are perhaps the most common because of their waterproof feature and sturdiness. Another good thing is that you can choose from the wide variety of colors, although you need to keep in mind that it is not all about the look of your bag; its usefulness should be the one that needs to be considered before anything else.

Make sure that your yoga bag is made from a breathable material; otherwise, the mat will immediately get stinky. Nearly all intermediate and premium yoga mats are rubber made, and whether they are treated or not, such mats have sufficient pores to start the growth of bacteria, so it is deemed important to ensure that you have picked the right material to make sure those air holes are present to enable the circulation of air.