28th Mar 2012 - A General Idea on Yoga Mats

28th Mar 2012

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A General Idea on Yoga Mats

People who practice yoga know how important yoga mats are, but not all of them know how to choose the right one. You see, a yoga mat has various kinds that you will become so overwhelmed, failing to spot the most suitable type for you. However, with some thought and a bit of researching, you are guaranteed to have one that matches your budget, level, and your lifestyle.

There is the basic foam mat that is usually made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride and considered to be the cheapest in the market. It is easy to clean, sturdy, and has a lot of varieties. You can make use of it as a camping pad, but if you want something that is eco friendly, then this is not for you.

For beginners, sticky mats are the most ideal one to use. Often, they have images on them that show the right placing of hands and feet while performing yoga poses. They are lightweight, very handy, and fairly durable. Sticky mats with an extra thickness are likewise available. They offer more padding for people who perform a more energetic type of yoga.

Our bamboo forest yogi mat is perfect both for beginners and veterans! It guarantees comfort and resilience and provides you with a soft padding. If you are looking for a yoga mat with extra thickness, you can never go wrong with Himalaya yoga and Pilates mat that is latex free and provides stability and support in all yoga poses. It is accentuated by a peacock that is sure to stir harmony and self-confidence during your yoga practice.

For more enjoyment and color to your practice, you can check out our Hibiscus yogi mat that comes in vivid colors, like blue, purple, and green, plus it offers a sticky surface for greatest solidity.

Another kind of yoga mat is the popular rubber mat. It is a bit more expensive, but it offers more padding, making you more relaxed as you carry out your yoga poses. You can choose from an array of thicknesses and beautiful colors. The downside is that it is not ideal for outdoor use, because the sun may cause it to peel.

Hemp and cotton are two of the best mats available in the market today. Both are natural fibers and come in various thicknesses, sizes, and colors. They are excellent for soaking up sweat and moisture, and you will feel more secure, as they don’t get greasy or oily because of the wetness.