19th Jan 2012 - The Adventures of a Round Yoga Mat

18th Jan 2012

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The world is round and so should your Yoga Mat be. When I first heard of the concept of a Round Yoga Mat, I have to say I was definitely intrigued. I have definitely encountered problems where, during my intense Ashtanga practice, my mat slips on the surface of the floor and tilts a little, and it becomes very difficult to fit your legs on the Yoga Mat after certain time, unless you stop your practice and adjust the mat. This is definitely worth a thought.

Well, a Round Yoga Mat is just that - Round, so even if it moves slightly, you still get the same working area regardless. Round Yoga Mats usually come in a 6-ft diameter which means that they give you plenty of room to move around, and perhaps invite your little kid to join you or use the extra room for your Yoga Blocks or Towels.

One of the big questions for a lot of Yoginis and Yogis is the issue of carrying the MAT to their yoga studios or schools. It can be a hassle if you have to lug a huge and heavy Yoga Mat all day long, because a lot of us like to go to the Yoga class right after our work. Well, a Round Yoga Mat may not be ideal for such purposes for two reasons: 1) It may be difficult to carry because of its larger size and 2) It may take more space on the yoga studio floor. The advantage is that you will stand out of the crowd, for sure!

I personally think that any serious Yogini or Yogi should ideally have 2 Yoga Mats. One that is specifically for home use and the second one for carrying around for yoga practice at studios or outside of the house. Ofcourse, a heavier yoga mats such as a Round Yoga Mat or The Black Yoga Mat are most suitable for home use where they provide you with the most balance, stability and comfort for your practice. Lighter yoga mats with a yoga mat bag are ideal for yogis/yoginis on the go.