20th Mar 2012 - The Convenience and Stylishness of Yoga Mat Bags

20th Mar 2012

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The Convenience and Stylishness of Yoga Mat Bags

If you are the type who practices yoga on a regular basis and do not keep the mat at the yoga studio you are attending because you might be using it again at home, you will most likely be purchasing a yoga mat bag someday. What do they do, by the way? Yoga mat bags let you carry your yoga mat effortlessly anytime, anywhere. A lot of yoga mats are very adaptable to be rolled up, but having a yoga mat bag makes it more painless to bring the mat along with you. A yoga mat bag comes with a carrying/adjustable strap, and some have larger space for other items.

Our oversized nylon drawstring yoga mat bag is a good example. It is extra large and can accommodate two yoga mats or another necessary item, such as towel, bottled water, or extra shirt. It is very easy to carry and is lightweight. It has a drawstring closure and shoulder strap on top. For a very affordable price, this bag gives you tons of bang for the buck!

Similar to a yoga mat, a yoga mat bag is available in various materials and designs. Majority of such bags utilize materials, such as velvet, silk, cotton, or jute, with cotton as the most frequently used because of its waterproof and durable feature. Check out our organic cotton jacquard yoga mat bag. It is lovely, stylish, lightweight, and made of low-impact dyes and 100% organic cotton. It has an adjustable strap, thus making it really easy to carry. Now, who says you can’t be chic with a yoga mat bag?

Cotton bags can be machine or hand washed, but be sure to read the bag’s label, so you know exactly how it should be washed. Hemp and canvas mat bags can be washed as well.

As soon as you have already decided which material you think is suitable for your yoga mat bag, you can choose from the many designs and colors available. Keep in mind, though, that your bag’s functionality is still more important than the design.

There are bags that are earth friendly, too. We have the handmade recycled yoga mat bag that is stylish and has ample space to accommodate your mat and a few small accessories. It is pre-washed using a biodegradable detergent. You can select from a number of available designs, and since it is made of recycled material, you can be assured that whatever you choose is simply one of a kind.