17th Apr 2012 - The Usefulness of Yoga Mat Bags

17th Apr 2012

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The Usefulness of Yoga Mat Bags

Do you bring your yoga mat bag with you during your travels? If you are having a hard time keeping all your yoga supplies and accessories with you, then you would need to buy a brand-new yoga mat bag.

There are a lot of various products available at various prices, so you would definitely find something that will fit your needs and taste. But which should you select? What is available? Are some bags more superior than the others?

The first thing that you have to determine is the items you want to put inside the bag, such as clothes, water bottles, cellphone, MP3 player, books, toiletries for taking a shower, and other yoga-related items. There are numerous bags that feature all types of compartments, pockets, and sections, so that you won’t have any problem when searching for even your smallest item. This aspect is something that you must take into account if you know that you want or really need those compartments. Our Printed Silk Yoga Mat Bag and Pilates Yoga Metro Bag are worth checking out, as both have additional space for your keys, purse, and cellphone.

There are many different kinds of fabrics available for yoga mat bags; majority of the well-known ones are made from nylon, which is water resistant, yet provides good ventilation for the items inside the bag. In addition, nylon is very durable, but if you want something that is luxurious and attractive, then you can opt for a leather yoga bag. However, the only major disadvantage to this type of material is that it can easily get torn, scratched, as well as damaged by water. While you can treat the leather to become waterproof, this is not a good idea, since your mat, clothes, and other accessories will reek of the chemical that was used to waterproof the bag.

One alternative that is a very popular way to carry your yoga mat bag is to utilize one that is made from all-natural or organic material, like the Resort & Fitness Yoga Mat Bag (Fair Trade). Hand-embroidered by Mayan ladies, this bag is made of 100% organic cotton, features vibrant colors, and is bright. There are 4 designs to choose from, and you are sure to get one that suits your taste.

There are a lot of great ones available today that are not only extremely popular, but are durable, healthy, and safe as well, meaning no harsh chemicals or toxins were used in the production of the bag, so you can have the peace of mind, knowing that you won’t breath in anything unsafe or have it all over your workout wear.

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