15th July 2012 - What are Yoga Towels?

17th Jul 2012


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What are Yoga Towels?

Yoga Towels, also known as yoga mat towels, are towels that are designed specifically to fit on top of yoga mats while you are practicing yoga. If you find yourself perspiring profusely that you are sliding from your mat, these equipment is the answer to your problem. A yoga towel, like the Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bath Towels, which is made from 100% bamboo and is antimicrobial, naturally hypoallergenic, and resistant to odor, are frequently utilized during hot yoga or Bikram yoga; however, they can also be utilized in traditional yoga.

A yoga towel, unlike an oversized bath towel or beach towel that some practitioners use, is slip resistant, which means that they stay put on the mat when you are changing poses. In addition, they are very absorbent and dry faster. One example of such towel is the Mat-Size Microfiber Super Absorbing Yoga Towel, which and is made of high-quality microfiber and is available in two colors.

In order to avoid slipping and not to consume a lot of space if you are in a yoga session with lots of people is to make sure your towel is the same size as your mat. A yoga towel will enable you to concentrate and relax on your practice without having to worry that you would slip off from your mat should you get very sweaty. Furthermore, it is a more hygienic method to practice, as this yoga equipment can be washed easily and dried between sessions.

In case you forget your mat or have restricted travel limitations, a yoga mat like the Yoga Stick-e Towel, which is made of super-absorbent microfiber material and is available in white, green, and blue, can serve as substitute yoga mat, and it can fit easily in your luggage or yoga mat.

Yoga towel are available in various different colors (Studio Microfiber Cloth - 14 X 14, for example, has four colors to choose from) and styles to match your interests and character. You may select a vibrantly colored yoga towel to keep you motivated while doing yoga, or you may choose one that has a calm shade or style to relax you while meditating. It would be an excellent idea to purchase two towels if you often practice, so that you have an unsoiled one that you can always use.

This yoga equipment costs more than a normal towel; however, majority of practitioners find that their price tag is totally worth it. In general, the standard towel costs about $20 to $50, but specialty or oversized ones may cost more, and it is available online or at sporting goods stores and specialty shops.

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