02nd May 2012 - What is a Yoga Wedge?

2nd May 2012

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What are Yoga Wedges?

Yoga blocks and wedges are accessories that a lot of yogis tend to ignore, but did you know that they are designed to aid you in improving the poses that you are struggling with? A yoga wedge, first of all, is an accessory that you can utilize for several reasons; as a matter of fact, people make use of them for various reasons, but regardless of why you need it, it is important to know that a yoga wedge is made for a cause.

Normally, a yoga wedge is placed underneath the sitting heels, bones, and knees. Essentially, it is a training wheel that helps yogis achieve the right posture. There are yoga wedges, which are made of foam, like our foam yoga wedge that is very durable and lightweight and features a scratch-resistant, soft exterior. As well, you can choose between the purple and blue colors. You can bring it to the yoga studio at any time without the concern that it will easily break or interfere with someone’s yoga practice.

You can also have a look at the cork yoga wedge 10" x 5.75" x 1.5" and cork yoga wedge 3 - 20.25" x 4.5" x 1.5”. Both are made from all-natural cork and have extremely smooth surfaces for that extra comfort. Additionally, they can be utilized below the wrists when in a downward dog position, beneath the heels when in a squat position, as well as other yoga poses that place too much pressure on the joint area. If you want to improve your coordination, balance training, and posture strength on the whole, then these two are worth checking out!

Yoga is like an all-around medicine, owing to the fact that it provides numerous benefits to anyone doing it. Apart from the yoga mat and bag, there are tons of accessories to take into account, especially if you are really committed to practicing yoga for a long period of time. Yoga wedge is one accessory that assists you in mastering the skill of easily changing from one position to another.

Our website has an enormous collection of yoga wedges, so you are sure to find something that suits your needs. Remember that yoga entails making use of different accessories that are helpful as you learn, not to mention that some accessories can help keep you motivated to practice on a regular basis. Yoga wedges are not to be forgotten, and the reasons alone are sufficient to think about having one.